Last night on The X Factor 2013 we found out which three acts will be competing in next week’s two-part season finale. And the results weren’t what most people were expecting. Sure Alex & Sierra made it through. And so did Jeff Gutt. But that third spot is what got people a little confused.

Carlito Olivero moves on to the finale, which means Restless Road is out. Simon Cowell’s assembled country boy band is no more. Well, no more in the competition. I’m sure they’ll stick together as a group and maybe have more luck than if they’d won The X Factor.

But anyway, back to the results show analysis. I never expected Carlito to make it to the finals. And neither did a lot of people on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, Carlito has a lot of fans (obviously) and I saw a lot of support for him. But I think most everyone was convinced the final three would be Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt and Restless Road.

Carlito had a few good weeks with his performances. I don’t think he was ever great, though. In my opinion he was the weakest vocalist in the competition since day one. But he has a good presence and drive. He’s basically a latino Justin Bieber and I think that’s appealing to X Factor producers, so they’ve pushed Carlito ahead a lot in the competition.

I say that because when he was in the bottom the past two times, he should have gone home. But for some reason, he stayed. And I think producers had their say in that. So don’t be surprised if he wins the show. Right now I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it did.

More odd than Carlito making it into the finals was the order they revealed the news. Them announcing Carlito first was such an odd choice. I can’t believe they didn’t save him for last so that the shock of Restless Road going home instead of him would had been greater.

So basically my conclusion here isn’t that Carlito picked up a ton more fans in a week. It’s that something else happened with Restless Road. Either their fans got apathetic (which almost never happens with country music fans so I’m doubtful), or producers interfered.

Of course I could and am probably wrong, but it just seems all too crazy for me. But maybe I’m just not seeing what others see in Carlito. Or maybe I’m right. I don’t know. All I know is that Carlito’s videos get the least amount of hits on our sites and his name is never at the top of search engine results that drive people to our blog. So of course there’s going to be skepticism here. But it is what is and when everything else is pushed aside, it is actually a pretty solid final three.

What are your thoughts on the elimination of Restless Road and The X Factor 2013 final three? Who is going to win the competition next week?

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