On Thursday night, Alex and Sierra were crowned The X Factor 2013 champions and so it seems appropriate that we take a look back at some of their top moments that got them the win.

I’ll include my original reviews of the performances.

Alex & Sierra’s Top Moments

5. Alex & Sierra: “Best Song Ever”

Yeah. Here’s your One Direction song. I hate thesong choice. British Invasion does not mean One Direction to me, but this is the X Factor, so I’ll stop gritting my teeth and say that Alex & Sierra sounded great. They were soft and sweet. They were also incredibly corny. I’m starting to find them very corny.

4. Alex & Sierra: “Say My Name”

Well that was not the song choice I expected, but it worked. And for the first time this season, Sierra was stronger than Alex. And I think that was important for their continued success. Alex has been outshining her, so it was good to see her step up.

3. Alex & Sierra: “Blurred Lines”

They delivered a unique, unplugged version of Robin Thicke’s popular hit “Blurred Lines.” The vocals were good and their chemistry is fantastic. Of course this is The X Factor and there was some really silly production going on in the background. I’m not sure why the production wasn’t as stripped as thesong. But this show has a really hard time editing itself.

Regardless of the production, Alex & Sierra’s “Blurred Lines” was one of the best of the night. And Simon Cowell did not hesitate putting them into his Final 3 when the time came.

2. Alex & Sierra: “Toxic” (their audition)

They’re a boyfriend and girlfriend group and when they said they were going to sing Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” the audience and judges were all, whaaaaaat. But then they pulled out a modern, trendy, guitar version and it was very interesting. Actually, I’m not even sure if he was singing until later. I could only hear her. But then he sang and he was pretty good as well. I was convinced they’d want her and not him. But he proved himself as well. They got four yeses and are moving on tothe next round.

1. Alex & Sierra: “Say Something”

That was actually better than their first performance. That has been rare this second round. But this makes two in a row. Great job. Emotional. Them both playing instruments. Great.

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