The X Factor 2013 Top 6 took on two songs each Wednesday night which means America had two shots to be impressed by them. Among the standouts of the night was Simon Cowell’s other group Restless Road.

The country trio took on “Red” by Taylor Swifter and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” and both performances were stellar. They even brought tears to Demi Lovato’s eyes. So I think it’s safe to say Restless Road will be off to the final four next week.

Here’s what I had to say about their performances during our Top 6 performance show live recap:

Restless Road, “Red.” Well hello, Restless Road. This was by far the best performance by them ever, I’d say. Who knew it would come from a Taylor Swift song. Their vocals were tight, their chemistry is solid and their stage presence has gone from awkward to sort of sexy. I think it might be safe to say this will be enough to send them on to the semi-finals.

Restless Road, “Wake Me Up.” The first performance, of course, was better, but this was pretty solid for the unplugged theme. And the emotions were nice. Vulnerability is always nice. I think they’ll be here next week.

What do you think of Restless Road? Do they have the X Factor? Check out their performances below and let us know what you think.

Restless Road Performs “Red’ on The X Factor 2013

Restless Road Performs “Wake Me  Up” on The X Factor 2013

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