It was a big night for The X Factor 2013 Top 6 as they each took on two songs each and delivered some of their best performances yet with hopes of landing in newt week’s semi-finals. Each act took on a diva song and an unplugged song.

Kelly’s last over 25 Jeff Gutt took on Mariah Carey’s “Without You” (even though that was a Harry Nilsson cover) and Elton John’s “Daniel.” Both performances were great and I think Jeff has a good shot at moving on to the semi-finals, but anything can happen. We’ll find out Thursday night.

Below is what I thought of Jeff during our Top 6 performance show live recap:

Jeff Gutt, “Without You.” Well this is a stretch for a diva song since Mariah Carey only covered, but OK. But whatever. Who cares about the theme. Jeff had another great moment with this song. I loved the rock and roll version of it. The vocals were tight and it was emotional and very connected. Great job.

Jeff Gutt, “Daniel.” His first performance was definitely better, but his stripped down song was emotional and tender and soft, which was what he was going for.

What do you think of Jeff Gutt? Does he have the X Factor? Check out his performances below and let us know what you think.

Jeff Gutt Performs “Without You” on The X Factor 2013

Jeff Gutt performs “Daniel” on The X Factor 2013

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