The X Factor 2013 Semi-Finals performances were last night and the final four acts delivered some of the best of the season. And it’s a good thing they did because there was a lot on the line. Only three of the four move on to the finale next week.

Hoping to be among the three is Carlito Olivero. He had some pretty solid showings with his version of “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber and “Need To Know” by Marc Anthony.

See what I had to say about his performances during our live recap of the Wednesday episode. Below that you can see his performances from the night. Let us know what you think.

Carlito Olivero, “Boyfriend.” Bye, Carlito. America picked a horrible song and since you should’ve been gone weeks ago, this week you’re toast. You’re cute and you can move the stage, but that’s about it. OK, I’m not being totally fair. He really is a great performer. But it’s just not my thing. Eh.

Carlito Olivero, “I Need To Know.” This was a much better performance for him than “Boyfriend.” It’s clearly what he should be doing, so I liked it a lot more. I still think he’s going home tomorrow night, but he’s a very talented guy.

Carlito Olvier Performs “Boyfriend” on The X Factor 2013

Carlito Oliver Performs “I Need To Know” on The X Factor 2013

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