The X Factor 2013 Semi-Finals performances were some of the best of the season as the Final Four fought for those three spots in next week’s finale.

Alex & Sierra were among the best of the night and are most definitely moving on to the finale. Their versions of “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men and “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles were pretty impressive. I was a little broad with “Little Talks” but “Gravity” was one of their best yet.

See what I had to say about their performances during our live recap of the Wednesday episode. Below that you can see their performances from the night. Let us know what you think.

Alex & Sierra, “Little Talks.” Zzzzzzz. I mean the vocals were OK, but now they’re becoming one-trick ponies. I was terribly bored. I found myself looking at my phone within seconds.

Alex & Sierra, “Gravity.” I’m kind of tired of seeing them sing to each other. What happened to connecting to the audience? At least the lyrics were great. It was soft and tender and sweet. I think it was their best performance (if I look past how annoying their sappiness is).

Alex & Sierra Perform “Little Talks” on The X Factor 2013

Alex & Sierra Perform “Gravity” on The X Factor 2013

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