11-alex-and-sierraThe X Factor 20213 Final Three took on three songs each Wednesday night and they meant business. All three delivered some of their best performances of the season. They all showed up to win, that’s for sure.

Among the best of the night were Alex & Sierra’s versions of “Give Me Love” and “Say Something.”

Here’s what I had to say about the performances during our live recap of the show:

Alex & Sierra, “Give Me Love.” That was probably one of their best performances ever. So that definitely puts them in a good place in this competition. They might just win it. I liked that a lot. It was sweet and tender and romantic. Great job.

Alex & Sierra,”Say Something.” I feel like I’ve heard them perform this song 100 times. Maybe it’s just because most of their stuff sounds the same. I mean it’s a good performance and they’re probably going to win the show, but I want to see something different from them.

What do you think of Alex & Sierra? Do they have what it takes to win? Check out their performances below and let us know what you think.

Alex & Sierra perform “Give Me More” on The X Factor 2013

Alex & Sierra perform “Say Something” on The X Factor 2013

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