FOX is calling their new Utopia TV show the biggest, boldest, most groundbreaking social experiment on television. The new Utopia reality TV series will feature 15 regular men and women who are tasked with creating their own society from scratch.

Utopia TV Show Reality Series 1

Utopia TV Reality Show (FOX)

They will have to build homes, make laws, and create social contracts with each other, all while trying to survive with no family, no food, no heat, and no interference from the outside world. Well, except for lumber and tools at least, because we see those in the first promo video. So apparently they do get a LITTLE help in building their new society.

The Utopia cast is scheduled to be locked away in isolation for a year with cameras following them 24/7. The real length of the series, of course, will likely rely a lot on how the ratings go. Although the first promo for the series promises 52 straight weeks of Utopia, we are betting if it tanks in the ratings, it will get yanked way before that.

The original version of the Utopia TV show, brought to life by Big Brother creator John de Mol, launched in the Netherlands earlier this year. The unique concept of the series quickly had U.S. networks interested in acquiring their own version of the show.

“This is the most purest form of reality I have ever produced in my career,” John de Mol says in the official trailer for the Utopia TV show.

More than 200 crew members will be working on the show to capture every minute of what goes on in Utopia. The Utopia 2014 cast members will have over three acres of land for their brand new kingdom, monitored by hundreds of cameras.

In addition to the show itself, the cameras will be streaming 24/7 online for fans to watch all the action they can’t possibly fit on the FOX show. Much like Big Brother on CBS has done for many years to great success.

The Utopia TV show on Fox premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 7 with a special three-night debut. After the Utopia premiere week, the show will air at 8PM ET/PT on Tuesday and Friday.

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