The new FOX Utopia reality show premieres in less than a month and we’re quite intrigued by what we’ve seen so far about the show. Creator John de Mol calls the Utopia TV show “the most purest form of reality that I have ever produced in my career.” That’s saying a lot considering he is also the mind behind the International hit Big Brother reality TV franchise.

Utopia reality show (FOX)

Utopia reality show (FOX)

Based on the Dutch reality TV series by the same name, Utopia 2014 casts 15 everyday Americans as settlers in a primitive location tasked with building their own society from the ground up. The series is slated to run for an entire year, with new Utopia cast members periodically taking the place of those who are eliminated from the show.

Check out the official trailer video below:

What do you think of the idea behind the Utopia reality show? Are you loving the concept, or think it’s not likely to live up to all the hype?


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