The new Utopia reality show on Fox is like nothing else we’ve ever seen on television. Well, in the U.S. at least. The Utopia TV show actually originated in the Netherlands at the hands of Big Brother creator John de Mol. Now FOX is hoping the success of the show over there can be recreated here in America.

Utopia Cast 2014

Utopia 2014

The creators of Utopia wanted to make a show like no other reality program on TV. According to the FOX Utopia website, viewers watching the series may well wonder if they are watching a reality show or a documentary. In truth, it is a little bit of both. Above all, however, FOX says Utopia 2014 is “first and foremost” a social experiment.

What is Utopia? Here’s how FOX explains their epic new reality TV series:

Fifteen people enter a new world and must build a new society from the ground up. Right away, they’re left completely on their own. In Utopia, moments will be caught, not shaped. There will be no production crew inside Utopia at any time. 
We’ve installed 129 inconspicuous cameras — some dangling from trees, others wedged between floorboards — that are never to be addressed. At no point will community members pour their hearts out, confessional-style, in attempts to heighten drama or shift your perception of their characters. UTOPIA isn’t a stage — it’s a window. 
These are the Utopians’ real lives, their only lives. What’s important is the conversations they’ll have, the work they’ll accomplish, and the way they’ll make this place whatever they want it to be. 
Have you ever stared in wonder at an ant farm? Well, this one is bigger — and it can talk!
You’ll be zooming in on our large-scale petri dish, our sandbox cluttered with opposing voices, an ever-adapting life form wriggling around somewhere in Southern California. UTOPIA: A world within a world. How will the two collide?
There’s no prize. There’s no specific goal. This is a living soap opera — reality TV in its purest form. And you get to be there every step of the way.

Do you think you could stand to be away from your friends and family for a whole year to be part of such a project?

Utopia premieres on Sunday, September 17 at 8PM. Live Feeds streams begin on August 29 at

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