Deciding to possibly spend a year of your life filming a reality TV show is crazy enough, but what about doing it when you are pregnant? Utopia cast member Amanda Scott is currently expecting and it is possible she may actually give birth while she is on the show.

Utopia cast - Amanda Scott (FOX)

Utopia cast – Amanda Scott (FOX)

Utopia 2014 cast member Amanda scott says she is “pregnant, but not powerless” and plans to hide her pregnancy as long as she can get away with it on the show. The behavioral specialist from Seattle, WA doesn’t want being pregnant to interfere with her Utopia strategy until she has no choice.

Because the Utopia reality show is scheduled to run for a full year, Amanda may well give birth on the show unless she is one of the cast members booted out before then. Amanda is due the first week of December and if she does indeed have her baby on the show, it will be a reality TV first. The participants are filmed 24/7 and everything will broadcast out to Live Feeds, including all the gory details of a baby being born!

“We felt having a pregnant participant would be a really fascinating aspect to this if we could overcome the many hurdles,” Utopia executive producer Jon Kroll told “The health of her and her baby are of paramount importance.”

Kroll notes that an EMT is on site at all time during the filming of Utopia. He also said that anything Amanda might need as far as pre-natal vitamins or other special needs will be taken care of. She is also free to leave at any time if she feels it is necessary for her or her baby’s health.

The Utopia TV show premiere kicks off with a two-hour special episode on Sunday, September 7 on FOX.

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