If you’re anxious to start watching Utopia online with the Live Feed then get ready because it’s coming at us very soon! So soon in fact that we’ll be watching Feeds before the show premieres.

Utopia Live Feed camera watches everything

Utopia camera watches everything – Source: FOX

Unlike what we’ve seen with the Big Brother series where players have more than a week of protected and private time that won’t be the case here. Production has announced the Utopia Live Feed will be rolling as soon as their “ants” move in.

August 29 is day one for our Utopians. The minute they move in is the minute the experiment begins. Cameras on; guards down. Our 24/7 live streams debut more than a week before our broadcast premiere!

In addition to the quick release of the video content we’re hearing there will be 129 cameras set up around the site. That should give us a lot of coverage, though we do get more than half that in just a small house for BB. It’ll be interesting to compare the coverage options once we start watching the Feeds later this month.

Early details reveal there will be “premium” Feed access as well, but no information yet on the cost to watch Utopia online. We’ll keep you updated.

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