The Utopia reality show cast members are currently in sequester until the official move in day on August 29. Until that fateful day, they have to occupy themselves somehow. For instance, taking selfies for the fans!

Utopia 2014 Cast - DeDecker (FOX)

Utopia 2014 Cast – DeDecker (FOX)

The Utopia 2014 cast is currently enjoying their last days of luxury in a nice hotel before setting out into the near-wilderness of their new home for possibly the next year. Enjoy that room service and those soft beds while you can, because things are about to get very rough!

According to the FOX Utopia website, the 15 pioneers have already been cut off from their families and friends with no access to a phone, they can’t watch TV, and they are basically isolated from everything and everyone. So getting the chance to play with a camera and take selfies this week was actually something of an exciting event!

Check out the Utopia cast selfies below and tell us who you think got the best shot!

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