Are you ready to finally meet the Utopia Cast for 2014? The first 15 brave souls setting out into the wilderness to build a new society from scratch have been chosen! Find out what kind of crazy people are willing to put their entire lives on hold for a year to create a brave new world.

Utopia reality show cast (FOX)

Utopia reality show cast (FOX)

Who will be your early favorite from the Utopia 2014 cast? Check out the bios released from FOX on the first fifteen Utopia cast members and let us know who you have your eye on!

Utopia Season 1 Cast

Utopia Cast Hex

Hex Vanisles Bondy
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: Detroit, MI
Skillset: Hunting, fishing, gathering

>> Watch Hex’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Andrea

Andrea Cox
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: San Diego, CA
Skillset: Raw vegan chef, detox expert

Utopia Cast Bella

Bella Chartrand
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: Griffin, GA
Skillset: Has been ready for Utopia for 10 years.

>> Watch Bella’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Dave

David Green
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: Queens, NY
Skillset: Sales, hustling, amateur barbering, smooth-talking

>> Watch Dave’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Rob

Rob Hospidor
Relationship Status: Engaged | Hometown: Jersey
Skillset: Survival training, hunting, fishing, camping, complaining

>> Watch Rob’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Josh

Josh Jonston
Relationship Status: Long-distance relationship | Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Skillset: Building, cooking, sewing, fishing, hunting, bragging

>> Watch Josh’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Jonathan

Jonathan Lovelace
Relationship Status: Married | Hometown: Church Hill, TN
Skillset: Building, hunting, fishing, preaching

>> Watch Jonathan’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Nikki

Dr. Nikki Noce
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: Brooklyn NY
Skillset: Gardening, intense eye-gazing, cuddling

>> Watch Nikki’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Bri

Bri Nyugen
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: Westminster, CA
Skillset: Farming, raising livestock, horseback riding, canning fruits and vegetables, building huts

Utopia Cast Mike

Mike Quinn
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: New York City
Skillset: Litigation, haircare, delusions of grandeur

>> Watch Mike’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Amanda

Amanda Scott
Relationship Status: Open relationship | Hometown: Seattle, WA
Skillset: Patience, organizing, planning, singing

>> Watch Amanda’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Aaron

Aaron Thomas
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: Jackson, MS
Skillset: Cooking, foraging, personal training

>> Watch Aaron’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Chris

Chris Tuorto
Relationship Status: Single | Hometown: Cary, NC
Skillset: Skateboarding, surfing, shredding, guitar-playing

>> Watch Chris’ Intro Video

Utopia Cast DeDeker

Dedeker Winston
Relationship Status: Polyamorous | Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Skillset: Model, motion-capture artist, belly dancer

>>Watch Dedeker’s Intro Video

Utopia Cast Red

Red Vanwinkle
Relationship Status: Married | Hometown: Cecillia, KY
Skillset: Handyman, farmer, boozemaker, home builder, natural medicine man

>> Watch Red’s Intro Video

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