Over 5,000 hopeful contestants auditioned for the new FOX reality Utopia TV show. Of those thousands of entrants, only 15 were chosen for the first batch of pioneers. More Utopia cast members may be added later in the season, however as others are eliminated from the show.

Utopia cast (FOX)

Utopia cast (FOX)

According to Deadline.com, FOX had a huge number of applicants for the Utopia 2014 cast. Those 5,000 hopefuls were slashed down to just 40 strong contenders, from which the final 15 initial Utopia cast members were chosen. We could see more of those remaining possible candidates stepping on as the season progresses.

The Utopia TV show is based on a reality series initially launched in the Netherlands from Big Brother creator John de Mol. The members of the Utopia cast will be tasked with building a new society from scratch, including making their own homes, laws, and social contracts. They will also have to feed themselves and figure out how to survive without heat and only the minimum of support from production.

“We’re putting people in a huge sandbox and standing back,” Executive Producer Conrad Green told Deadline.com. It’s up to the cast on the show to determine what will happen from there.

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