Tonight on FOX the Utopia premiere arrives with a two-hours special debut episode before moving to its regular schedule of Tuesday and Friday episodes.

Utopia TV show on FOX

Utopia TV show on FOX – Source: FOX

Fifteen pioneers, the preferred term for the Utopia inhabitants, have moved in and must create their own world with their own rules while finding a way to survive the challenges of a new society. There’s no right or wrong unless they decide it to be so.

We’ve been watching the live streams and getting Utopia updates which is making this look like it could be a very fun series to follow. At a year long season it sure better be incredible!

The season premiere of Utopia arrives at 8PM ET/PT tonight which pits it against CBS’s own voyeur-styled reality series Big Brother for a ratings showdown. I’m sure there will be much discussion and drastic conclusions reached based on one night’s numbers, but from what we’ve seen so far these shows may both have cameras surrounding its participants but things are much, much different from there on.

Watch the promotional video below from FOX giving a preview of what Utopia will deliver to its audience and then get ready for tonight’s premiere.

Utopia premiere on FOX – Promo: