The Voice results last night on NBC revealed who went home and who moved on to join a Team for Season 6. Find out what happened during the Blind Auditions premiere episode on Monday.

The Voice - Season 6

There were so many 4-chairs last night that it became more of a surprise to not get all the Coaches turning around. Hopefully we get back to the 1 and 2 turns that show a more focused set of Coaches rather than the wide net casting at every turn.

So which singers made it to a Team and where did they end up? Let’s run through last night’s results.

    Team Adam:

  • Christina Grimmie – Adam wins over this YouTube sensation despite all four Coaches competing to snag her for their team.
  • Dawn & Hawkes – The only duo of the night and Adam flips out for them. He pleads that he must have them on his team and they agree.
    Team Blake:

  • Jake Worthington – Blake finally gets a singer with Jake, a country boy who wants to do true Country music. Perfect match.
    Team Shakira:

  • Kristen Merlin – Kristen earns two chair turns with Shakira and Adam, but she had been hoping for Blake. She goes with Team Shakira.
  • Jeremy Briggs – Jeremy is a rocker in search of training who lands both Blake and Shakira. I was shocked when he went with Team Shakira.
    Team Usher:

  • TJ Wilkins – All but Shakira turn for TJ who explains he was too good for her to snag. He decides to go with Usher for his Coach.
  • Biff Gore – Another four-chair spinner. Lots of competitive talk from the Coaches, but he goes with Usher.
  • Bria Kelly – She planned to go for Team Adam given the chance, but flips and goes for Team Usher. Not a bad choice.
    Eliminated singers:

  • Tanner Linford – Tanner is one of the youngest singers at just 16. He’s got a lot of potential, but isn’t there just yet and the coaches agree.
  • Leo Gallo – Leo wants to be an entertainer but is more dancer than singer. None of the Coaches turn around for his stylized performance of “Blurred Lines.”
  • Karina Mia – Fantastic voice and yet no chair turns for Karina. Definitely a missed opportunity for these Coaches.

Did your favorites make the cut last night on The Voice and did they end up on the right team? More Blind Auditions ahead tonight!

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