The Blind Auditions come to a close tonight on The Voice 6 as each of the four Coaches have just one seat left open on their Team. Who will make the cut? Let’s check the results.

Adam Levine on The Voice

Adam Levine on The Voice – Source: NBC

If we thought last night’s cuts were tough then this should be even rougher on The Voice Hopefuls. With just one seat left on each team there’s no room for error by these Coaches. Only four singers will join the show tonight on The Voice.

Who Went Home Tonight on The Voice – March 11, 2014

    Team Adam:

  • Caleb Elder – The very last singer to grab a seat on any team for The Voice 6 came when Adam nearly immediately hit his button at the start of his performance.
    Team Blake:

  • Kaleigh Glanton – She turned all four chairs, but only one Coach could get this talented performer and she went to Blake.
    Team Shakira:

  • Lindsay Bruce – It comes down to just Shakira and Adam when Usher and Blake both push Lindsay to pick Shakira. She takes their advice and joins Team Shakira.
    Team Usher:

  • Brittnee Camelle – Both Shakira and Usher turned for Brittnee and they each fought hard and while she liked Shakira’s pitch she had to go with Usher.
    Eliminated singers:

  • Joe Trombino – Another singer that thought he could dance his way to a Team. They can’t see you, Hopefuls.
  • Beau Thomas – This blond Carson Daly clone made a great song choice, but his performance couldn’t close the deal for Shakira or Adam.

Which team do you can win the Voice on Season 6? There is some tough competition for sure.

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