The Voice 2014 Top 5 were announced last night with a shocking triple elimination that sent home three people who shouldn’t have gone home.

I’m really not understanding this season of The Voice, but I’m going to try to figure out which of the Top 5 has what it takes to win this and fade into obscurity.

The Voice 2014 Top 5 Power Rankings

5. Kat Perkins. Obviously she’s next to go because she was in the bottom and stuck around because of America’s instant save. Even though America should have gone with Sisaundra Lewis. But whatever, America.

4. Jake Worthington. At least I hope he’s not going to place any higher than fourth. I just don’t get the love for him. How he survived and the three who went home didn’t, I’ll never understand.

3. Kristen Merlin. This is where it gets tricky. I think Kristen has the best voice in the competition. But I don’t see her actually winning. I would like to see her win, but I think she’s third at best at this point.

2. Josh Kaufman. I think Josh is the only person who could possibly best our No. 1 spot, but I don’t think even he will. He’s definitely got what it takes to win and/or be runner-up, though, so you won’t hear any complaints from me there.

1. Christina Grimmie. I don’t think there’s a single person who will disagree with this ranking (of course there will be, but I wanted to type that anyway). She’s been strong the whole season and Twitter is completely abuzz over her. I think she’s easily poised to take the title this season.

How would you rank The Voice 2014 Top 5?

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