The Voice 2014 Top 5 took on two songs each Monday night and the battle for the spots in the finals raged on.

As always, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assuaging the letter grade I think each one deserves.

Kristen Merlin, “Gunpowder and Lead.” Good song choice. Well, I mean I wish she looked a little more like a country singer, but whatever, that’s stupid of me to even think. Her vocals were great. Her energy was there. It was all pretty tight. I like her. Performance Grade: A

Josh Kaufman, “All of Me.” I thought this was going to be boring, but it was actually pretty entertaining. It was emotional and it was nice to see him really connect with the audience. This was a great performance by him and I think a smart move on his part. Performance Grade: A+

Kat Perkins, “Chandelier.” Well at least they didn’t miss the opportunity to put chandeliers on the stage. That would’ve been silly. Now onto the performance. Eh. I didn’t like the song choice. I mean who wrote that song? “123, 123 I’m going to swing from the chandelier”? Are you serious? Anyway, I thought this was her worst performance ever. Performance Grade: C+

Jake Worthington, “Good Ole Boys.” This is probably the first song he’s performed that I was OK with. I mean, it’s “The Dukes of Hazzard” theme song! I thought it could have been more fun, but overall it was decent. I could at least understand his words this time. Performance Grade: B+

Christina Grimmie, “Hide and Seek.” This is a great song. I can’t believe it was performed on The Voice though, because it’s a very produced song and I wasn’t sure how it would be done live. But it worked. It was definitely a standout performance. It was quite a production. I found myself pretty entranced at a few moments. Performance Grade: A+

Josh Kaufman, “Love Runs Out.” This was an interesting song choice for Josh. I get why Usher gave it to him because he needs to do something with energy. And I’m not sure if it worked or not. I think it did. I think I’m just not used to seeing him perform with such energy and command. It was pretty refreshing. Performance Grade: A

Kat Perkins, “Let it Go.” Smart song choice. I think the song is still popular enough to get a few new people to vote for her or download her song. And the performance was good, despite a few rocky moments. It’s a big song and she held her own. Performance Grade: B+

Kristen Merlin, “Foolish Games.” This was not Kristen’s best. She was off key a few times and had a hard time regaining it. And the emotion seemed fake. Like I don’t think she felt connected to the song. But Kristen is a great performer and I think she still did a good job, it just wasn’t my favorite. Performance Grade: B+

Christina Grimmie, “Some Nights.” I didn’t expect this song from her, but it was good. The vocals were solid, the energy was high and the staging was fun. Like Blake said, it felt like a winning performance. I think Christina will definitely be around next week. Performance Grade: A+

Jake Worthington, “Heaven.” Why didn’t Christina close out the night? I guess they want to make sure they’re both in the finale. I guess the performance was pretty decent. I didn’t really feel an emotional connection from him, but it was pretty tender, at least. Performance Grade: B+

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