The Voice - Season 6

We’re already down to The Voice 2014 Top 10 and we’ve said goodbye to T.J. Wilkins and Dani Moz. America decided that Tess Boyer should be saved (who else is shocked she was even at risk of going home?) so the power rankings for the Top 10 are going to be interesting. Let’s get to it.

10. Kristen Merlin. I think Kristen is a fantastic singer. I love her voice, but I don’t see her getting very far. Frankly, had production not botched her performance this week, she may have been in trouble last night.

9. Tess Boyer. I don’t think Tess deserves to be ranked this low, but after her nearly going home, I can’t see myself putting her any higher. I think America could save her again if she’s in the bottom, or that near elimination could bring her enough votes to where she’s just safe. And then we can rethink her rankings placement.

8. Kat Perkins. I like Kat. I like her edge and her spirit, but I see a lot of other singers getting more buzz and I feel like she’s got a week or two left in her at best.

7. Jake Worthington. I’m sure what to make of this guy. He’s not my favorite, but Blake loves him and Blake has a way of pimping his contestants, but I’m putting my money on Sisaundra a far as Team Blake is concerned this season.

6. Audra McLaughlin. I’m probably silly putting Audra and Jake back to back since they’re both Team Blake and both country singers, but I don’t see this being Blake’s season. I think Jake and Audra will probably last longer than I’m saying right now, but I’m sticking with this ranking for now.

5. Delvin Choice. Team Usher’s big vocalist could either go to the top or say goodbye middle of the pack. That’s going to come down to Usher’s coaching and song choices. And Usher is not the best at picking songs for his team members.

4. Bria Kelly. A lot of people are saying Bria has this in the bag, but I don’t see it. Just like I said with Delvin, I think Usher will lose this for her. But I might be wrong. She’s got a great sound and a great personality so she’s got what it takes. But I think there are three people better than her at the moment.

3. Sisaundra Lewis. I’d like to put Sisaundra in the number one spot, but I’m not ranking my favorites. I’m ranking how I think they’re doing as far as performances, votes, buzz and potential to win. So I definitely see her in at least the Top 5 but at the moment, I wouldn’t be afraid to bet on Top 3.

2. Josh Kaufman. I’m getting heavy finale vibes from this dude. I think Usher will do him right for some reason because it’s pretty clear what kind of artist Josh is and I don’t see Usher giving him many insane song choices.

1. Christina Grimme. Christina is currently the contestant most poised to take it all. She already has a large fan following and being Team Adam can’t hurt. He’s a great coach and knows what fans and the show’s audience want to see and hear. I could see her going all the way.

How would you rank The Voice 2014 Top 10?


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