The Voice 2014 Top 10 took to the stage and the thing that stood out the most to me were song choices. I didn’t understand a lot of them. But luckily, most of the singers are solid, so they made it work for the most part.

As always, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assigning the letter grade I think each deserved.

Kat Perkins, “Landslide.” I think it was a very good idea for Kat to do a slower song to show a different, softer side of her. And a Stevie Nicks song was actually a good place for her voice. She gave us a similar tone to Stevie and some harsh vibrato like Stevie. I’m not saying it was copycat, but definitely an interpretation. I liked it. Until that dumb, out of place, showy note at the end. Grade: B

Tess Boyer, “Ain’t It Fun.” I think I know why she was in the bottom 3 last week. She doesn’t have a very good presence. She seems too confident and unapproachable. Which makes me think she thinks she’s already more famous than she is. I know it’s about the voice, but I can’t get past her stage presence. Grade: B-

Audra McLaughlin, “You Lie.” I have a really hard time understanding the words she’s singing. She doesn’t enunciate well when she sings and that’s irritating. But her tone and twang are both really nice. I’m pretty mixed on this performance and he as a whole. There were great, great moments, but her wording I can’t get past. Grade: B+

Josh Kaufman, “This Is It.” Well I hate to be so negative tonight, but I thought this performance was SO boring. I was like “is this actually the song ‘This is It'”? I kept waiting on it to start but it never really did. It just kind of sat there like elevator music. It finally picked up at the end, but I decided it was just a bad song choice for him. Grade: B-

Christina Grimmie, “Hold On We’re Going Home.” Drake? Really? OK. Thankfully, she took it behind the piano and made it her own. I am just almost never a fan of song choices on this show. That aside, her vocals were strong and she doesn’t have anything to worry about. I think America loves her and she’s in this for the long haul. Grade: A

Jake Worthington, “Run.” Zzzzzzz. Why is this guy Blake’s golden boy again? I don’t get it. I find him incredibly boring. I think this was probably one of his better vocals, though, so I’ll stop being so critical and just judge him on this one. It was boring, but it was well-done. Grade: A-

Bria Kelly, “I’m With You.” Does The Voice have a deal with Avril Lavgine that this song must be performed every season? Wow what is wrong with me tonight? Anyway, I thought this was a pretty bad performance. Bria is way better than this. Something was just off. Way off. Grade: C+

Delvin Choice, “Bright Lights.” What is this song? Why do the song choices stink so badly on this show? I don’t get it. Delvin has a great voice and the performance was strong, but I don’t think this was a smart song for him to sing. At all. Grade: B+

Kristen Merlin, “Let Her Go.” Finally. A good song choice, a good vocal, a good everything. Kristen is easily the most natural perfumer in the competition. I’d say the best, but people will argue with me, so I’m just going to say it all just seems really natural to her. I think she has the best tone out of everyone. Grade: A+

Sisaundra Lewis, “Oh, Sherry.” Well that’s a weird song choice for her. I mean she can and does sing anything, so it doesn’t matter. But why would Sisaundra ever sing Steve Perry? Anyway, she’s fantastic. She and Kristen are the real deal. Both are fantastic and will likely be overlooked by the younger voters. Grade: A+

What did you think of the The Voice 2014 Top 10 performances?

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