The second installment of The Voice 2014 Battle Rounds concluded Monday night as more artists were cut and others prepare to move on to Tuesday night’s playoffs.

Clarissa Serna vs. Dani Moz, “Perfect.” Well this battle wasn’t good. And I was expecting a lot since they both seem really full of themselves. And I also really liked Clarissa before. But I just found this whole thing very blah. I think I’m still a Clarissa fan, though. Just didn’t think this was the right song for either of them.

My winner: Clarissa
Shakira’s winner: Dani
The Steal: Not used. Bummer.

Dawn & Hawkes vs. Kat Perkins, “Suddenly I See.” First of all, let me say, horrible song choice. Not just for them but the fact that it was even an option was horrible. It wasn’t right for Kat at all. The duo handled it pretty well, regardless of how annoying the song is. I think this battle just wasn’t a fair pairing. Kat is very talented, but it just didn’t work on this song.

My winner: Dawn & Hawkes
Adam’s winner: Kat
The Steal: Not used

Music Box vs. Melissa Jimenez, “Girl on Fire.” Music Box took this one right in her opening. From the way she carries herself on stage to her vocal tricks, I couldn’t even pay attention to Melissa, who is perfectly fine. But Music Box is just so strong and everything, I couldn’t possibly go with anyone else she’d be up against.

My winner: Music Box
Usher’s winner: Melissa
The Steal: Not used. That’s ridiculous. Blake should have stolen her.

Kaleigh Glanton vs. Ryan Whyte Maloney, “Easy.” I’m not a fan of the song choice, but that seems to be the theme of the night. I also really, really, really don’t get this pairing. There’s nothing even kind of similar among those two. They’re both great singers, though. I love her voice and he’s technically flawless. This is a tough one.

My winner: Kaleigh
Blake’s winner: Ryan
The Steal: Not used.

Brittnee Camelle vs. Jake Barker, “Climax.” This was a great battle. And both of those artists are fantastic, so I can’t imagine either of them getting cut, but to me there’s a clear star among the two of them and that’s Jake. He just has so much charisma to go along with his talent. It’s crazy. He’s crazy good.

My winner: Jake
Adam’s winner: Jake
The Steal: Not used

Bria Kelly vs. Madilyn Paige, “I’ll Stand By You.” This was a tough pairing. Both girls are great artists and both have unique sounds. I think they should both definitely still be in the contest, so the thought that one of them could go home is so not cool.

My winner: Madilyn Paige
Usher’s winner: Bria
The Steal: Blake steals Madilyn. Blake is the real winner. Sorry, Usher.

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