The Voice 2014 Playoff Rounds concluded Tuesday night as Usher made his final selections for his Top 3, which finishes making up the Top 12.

Let’s take a look at Team Usher’s performances and the outcome.

T.J. Wilkins, “Tell Me Something Good.” That was a great way to start the night. T.J. has a voice on him. He’s got power and charisma. That was a great performance. And the song choice was solid, too. It was the right song for him and his genre.

Melissa Jimenez, “Halo.” Why do people keep singing this horrible song on singing competition shows? It sounds weird even when Beyonce sings it, so just don’t do it! I’m pretty sure that means she’s going home. I mean the performance was fine, but no. Not this song.

Stevie Jo, “The Thrill is Gone.” I thought this performance was weird and all over the place. I felt kind of like I was listening to five different performances at once. I think the guy is talented, but the whole thing was just weird to me. Maybe it was the song.

Bria Kelly, “Wild Horses.” Great, great song choice. It was nice to see someone with an instrument, too. The performance started off kind of low. I almost couldn’t hear her. But then when she got into it, it sounded great. I really liked this performance. I can see her doing some great things on the show.

Josh Kauffman, “It Will Rain.” Josh is clearly the best singer on Team Usher. He’s probably one of the best in the competition. And if this performance doesn’t convince any doubters, then your’e crazy. That was the best performance out of all these playoffs. I think it’ll be an easy choice for Usher. So let’s get to that.

Team Usher is all called to the stage so Usher can make his picks for the live shows. His first pick to move on was Bria. Josh gets the good news second. The final spot goes to T.J.

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