The Voice 2014 Playoff continued Monday night as Teams Adam and Shakira took to the stage to sing for six spots in the Live Shows.

Let’s take a look at how that all payed out.

Kristen Merlin, “Two Black Cadillacs.” That was one hell of a way to start the show. We haven’t gotten to hear much of here and that’s a shame because she has an incredible voice. Her performance was completely flawless. Her vocals were solid, she held on to every note. Great job.

Deja Hall, “Battlefield.” Well, I wouldn’t ever pick that weak song for a singing competition show, but I guess it was an OK performance. I mean it was entertaining and she looked great. But I think her voice was thin and I blame that on that song. Not my favorite performance.

Tess Boyer, “Human.” I didn’t think I was going to like this performance because I thought it would just be pageanty, but it was actually very good. She held on to that big note forever. She does lack vibrato though, so she doesn’t come off much of a natural singer, but that’s OK. It was still all good.

Patrick Thompson, “Trouble.” That was a great performance. His rasp and his power. I don’t love that song, but I understand why he chose it. It really worked for him. He really commanded the stage and took it home. That all being said, is he too boring for this? I’m not sure.

Dani Moz, “Edge of Glory.” I liked the version of the song. It was nice for it to be stripped down and it was nice to see someone at the piano. We don’t get to see that too much on this show. Not at this point in the competition anyway. At first I almost thought the performance was boring, but then she really got into it and made it something pretty special.

Shakira’s performers are all called to the stage to find out their fate in the competition. The first person she picks to move on is Tess. Kristen is the next artist to move on. The final artist Shakira picked to move on is Dani. Patrick and Deja head home.

Delvin Choice, “Let’s Stay Together.” Hm. I don’t know why, but I found this performance incredibly boring. I think it was just a boring song. He’s got a great voice and is super talented, but I wanted to go to sleep.

Jake Barker, “She Will Be Loved.” I like this guy, so I’m not sure I can think he can do any wrong. But I don’t think he should’ve picked this song. That’s just too risky when Adam is making cuts at the end of the night. That being said, I think he sounded better than Adam does. But I still think it was super risky. I liked it, though, but did Adam?

Kat Perkins, “Open Arms.” I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I think she’s a great performer, but I didn’t love this performance. I think her voice was a little hard to listen to on this one. And there were a few pitch problems also.

Morgan Wallen, “Stay.” I like this guy’s voice a lot. But he’s not very good with the stage. He definitely needs to work on that. But that rasp in his voice is nice. I wish he’d picked a different song. To me, he doesn’t sound like a country singer despite everything he said in his segment.

Christina Grimmie, “I Won’t Give Up.” That was a sweet and tender performance meets power and confidence. She is a little awkward with the stage, but I think that’s something that can be learned. The performance made up for all of that though. Adam has a tough call to make.

Team Adam meets on the stage for the results. And I’m pretty sure he’s going to cut Jake, who is my favorite. But the rest of the team is just so good. The first person Adam decides should move on is Christina. Delvin is the next told he’s moving on. The final spot goes to Kat. Which means Morgan and Jake have been eliminated.

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