The Voice 2014 Playoffs premiered Tuesday night and Team Blake was first up. That means Blake went from five artists to three. Let’s take a look at all of Team Blake’s performances now and the outcome of the night.

Audra McLaughlin, “A Broken Wing.” This was a slow way to start off the playoffs, but her performance was pretty solid. She didn’t really do anything to standout with the song, but she gave it her all and the ending of the song really brought it home for her.

Ryan Whyte Maloney, “Second Chance.” Now that’s how you earn a spot in the finals. That was a great performance. It was a good song choice and his vocals were top notch. And he was so connected to the song that he even got emotional.

Madilyn Paige, “Clarity.” Well. Hmm. I’m sort of tired of hearing this song on singing competition shows, so I’m a little irritated by that. And with that in mind, I’ve definitely heard better performances of the song. Her voice is kind of weak and she really holds back, it seems.

Jake Worthington, “Anywhere With You.” This guy is a good singer and is truly a country singer, but he really doesn’t have great stage presence. Aside from that, his vocals were soft and tender and while that can be a good thing, it may have come off a bit boring for something called “The Playoffs.”

Sisaundra Lewis, “New York State of Mind.” It was nice for her to pull back and do a softer song. But she’s such a powerful singer that she can’t hold back for long. And that’s a good thing. She has to be the best vocalist in the contest this season and this was by far the best of the night.

My rankings for the night
1. Sisaundra Lewis
2. Ryan Whyte Maloney
3. Audra McLaughlin
4. Jake Worthington
5. Madilyn Paige

That means I would cut Madilyn and Jake.

Blake decides to eliminate Madilyn and Ryan.

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