The Voice - Season 6

The Voice 2014 Blind Auditions concluded Tuesday night as the coaches finished building their teams to prepare for next week’s Battle Rounds.

Let’s take a look at the standouts from the night.

Joe Trombin, “Love and Happiness.” I thought this guy was solid and entertaining. But the judges almost have full teams and couldn’t find room for him.

Kaleigh Clanton, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain.” This girl has a great tone and a great technique. She took this song and really made it her own. She got all four judges to turn. Which is crazy at this point in the game. She decides to go with Team Blake. That means Blake’s team is full.

Brittnee Camelle, “Skyscraper.” Well, I hated the way she started the song. But she let it progress nicely. I don’t see her lasting because she was really working hard for this audition to sound good and there are a lot of more effortless artists who will overshadow her. But she got Usher and Shakira to turn. She goes with Team Usher, which means his team is full also.

Beau Thomas, “You Are The Best Thing.” This guy has a great voice and a great look and would be very marketable but didn’t get any chairs to turn. That bombs me way out.

Lindsay Bruce, “Even if It Breaks Your Heart.” OK, Blake, turn. This girl is made for your team. Wait, you’re full. Adam turns, thankfully. She is probably the best country singer on the show. I really liked her sound and so did Shakira because she turned too. Lindsay decides to go with as her coach. Team Shakira is now full as well.

Caleb Elder, “Groove Me.” This guy is a lot of fun. I like his voice and his moves. he’s totally silly and awkward but, how do I say this, sexy all at the same time. It’s crazy. I hope we see a lot more of him. Adam turns and so he is Team Adam, which completes Adam’s team.

What did you think of the Blind Auditions? Whose team do you think is stacked the best?

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