The Voice - Season 6

The Voice 2014 Blind Auditions continued Monday night as the coaches worked to fill their teams for Season 6. And with the spots almost full, the artists had to bring it and a lot of them did.

We weren’t just give a lot of talented acts though. The episode was also very heavy on the sob stories.

Let’s take a look at the standouts from Monday night.

Kat Perkins, “Gold Dust Woman.” A rock star turned nanny, Kat is deciding to get back into music and The Voice is where she hopes to get that chance. First of all, great song choice. And She handled it beautifully. She carried all the notes and showed us what kind of artist she is. Adam, Shakira and Usher all turned for her. She goes with Team Adam.

Gabi Ramirez, “The A Team.” This guy isn’t quite there. He sounds decent but he doesn’t have much control or a range. And he’s kind of boring. No chairs turned.

Paula Deanda, “The Way.” I see Paula being very marketable and good for the radio, but I don’t like her for The Voice. Her voice just isn’t there. But what I think doesn’t matter. Shakira and Blake turned their chairs. She decided to go with Blake as her coach.

Jake Barker, “When I Was Your Man.” This guy has a great tone but he needs to chill on the runs. And I’m pretty sure his coach will tell him to do so. I like him a lot, though, and hope his coach does right by him. Usher, Adam and Shakira all turned their chairs. He decides to go with Team Usher.

Luke Cooper, “Radioactive.” I find this guy pretty irritating. I don’t like his forced gimmicky sound and his voice is pretty all over the place. I’m getting pretty good at knowing when a coach will turn or not and I had a feeling no one would. And they didn’t.

Ria Eaton, “Cups (When I’m Gone).” I liked this girl’s voice. She has a cute tone and I would actually like to hear her sing some more. Shakira and Blake both turned at the very last second. I’m glad she gets to perform a song better suited for her than that song. She goes with Team Blake.

Cierra Mickens “Crazy.” I thought the song choice was a little weird, but it was really just a vehicle for her insanely big voice. She tore that song up and I can only imagine what else she has up her sleeve. She has a fantastic voice. She got Shakira, Blake and Usher to turn their chairs. She decides to go with Team Shakira.

Tyler Montgomery, “I Wish.” I don’t think this was the right song for him because it just sat in the same place the whole time. He’s not a bad singer at all, I just think he wasn’t showing the coaches anything they needed to hear. He’s entertaining for sure but there wasn’t anything special about the audition. None of the coaches turned their chairs.

Alaska & Madi, “Barton Hallow.” Well they’re an interesting little duo. They don’t look like they’d sound like, but they do. And it’s good. I think their harmonies are great and they’re very believable. They have good stage chemistry and play well off each other. I like them. They got Adam, Blake and Usher to turn their chairs. They decide to go with Blake as their coach.

Ddendyl, “Stand By Me.” I’m already annoyed by her. I don’t even want to keep writing about her right now. Anyone who reads me knows I am not a fan of the gimmicky fake trendy girl voice. But Shakira bought it and turned her chair, so that means she’s automatically Team Shakira.

Josh Kaufman, “One More Try.” This guy has a great sound. He’s tender yet powerful. An old-soul yet relevant. He’s a great artist and that’s why he got all four chairs to turn. So he had his pick of the coaches and he went with Adam as his coach.

What did you think of the Blind Auditions from Monday night? Which coach do you think has the most solid team so far?

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