The Voice 2014 Blind Auditions continued Tuesday night and it might have been a shorter night, but there was nothing short about the talent. There were a lot of great performances and a lot of chairs turned.

Let’s take another look at the standouts from the night.

Megan Ruger, “Just Like a Pill.” Well first of all, I like her look a lot. And I like her musical style. And I liked her song choice. And I liked her performance. I like Megan. A lot. I thought her audition was fun and from what we saw she could do some really fun things. Why she didn’t get a chair to turn sooner was ridiculous. Blake and Usher turn near the end. She goes with Team Blake.

Morgan Wallen, “Collide.” OK, Shakira turns before anyone can even form an opinion. But with the gruff and gritty voice, I think she made a great decision. He’s a got a very unique sound to him. I think he could easily get restricted but with that sound he can adapt. I like him. Usher joins Shakira with the share turn. He decides to go with Usher as his coach.

James Cavern, “Let’s Get It On.” Not the right song choice for him. It came off as jokey. I was actually kind of embarrassed. He’s a solid performer though. I just think this was a horrible audition song. And the coaches may have agreed. No one turned.

Emily B., “Wicked Game.” I’m not sure what it is about this song, but I don’t think it ever works when a woman sings it. Maybe it’s because Chris Isaak did it so well. I never ever care about a guy singing a girl’s song or vice versa, but for some reason this song is my exception. But she’s a great singer and she gets three chairs to turn. So she’s set. She goes with Team Shakira.

Stevie Jo, “There Goes My Baby.” I’m incredibly bored by this guy. He’s got a decent voice, though. I knew they’d be surprised he was white, though. Adam didn’t turn because he knew he’d go with Usher. And since Usher was the only one to turn, he’s Team Usher.

Audra McLaughlin, “Angel From Montgomery.” Now this girl is a singer. She’s got a flawless tone, a perfect pitch. She sings with emotion and poise. It’s no surprise she got four chair turns. So she has all four coaches to choose from. She goes with Blake as her coach.

What was your favorite performance of the night? Whose team do you think is looking the strongest so far?

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