The Voice - Season 6

The Voice 2014 Battle Rounds continued Monday night as the coaches were faced with making cuts and the possibility of snatching up and artist they missed out on during the Blind Auditions.

And it was an oddly boring episode. I’d venture to say this was the most boring episode of The Battle Rounds I’ve ever seen. Let’s take a look back at the battles.

Austin Ellis vs. Josh Kaufman, “Happy.” This battle was incredibly boring. From the song choice to these two guys, I was just ready to turn the TV off even though it just started. I will say it was a good pairing, though, because both of them on the show would be terrible boring. But all criticisms aside, there was one standout winner.

My winner: Josh
Adam’s Winner: Josh
The Steal: Not used. Austin heads home.

Alaska & Madi vs. Audra McLaughlin, “When Will I Be Loved.” This was a pretty solid battle. The duo and Audra were all very strong, but I think Audra was just better. She was powerful and her tone was great and her pitch was spot on. But this would be a tough one to decide. I’m glad I’m not Blake.

My winner: Audra
Blake’s winner: Audra
The Steal: Not used. Alaska & Madi’s time on the show has ended.

Deja Hall vs. Music Box, “Eternal Flame.” I’m not sure I get this as a song choice for a battle, Shakira, but OK. I also think the pairing was pretty uneven. I don’t think the two are even in the same league. Music Box, despite her name, is a much stronger singer. But Deja has a lot going for her, too. I just don’t think it’s a fair battle.

My winner: Music Box
Shakira’s Winner: Deja
The Steal: Usher steals Music Box! She’s still in the game.

Madilyn Paige vs. Tanner James, “Everything Has Changed.” What is with this boring battle song choices? And another uneven pairing. I don’t get this pairing at all. Actually, they sound great as a duo. But I never feel good when it’s a guy against a girl. I don’t get how you can judge it properly. I think they were both great and I don’t want either of them to go.

My winner: Tanner
Usher’s winner: Madilyn
The Steal: Not used. Tanner unfortunately went home.

Dawn & Hawkes vs. Josh Murley, “Stuck In The Middle With You.” Another boring song. This is basically the worst night of battles I’ve ever seen. I don’t care which of this pair wins because they’re both equally boring.

My winner: Dawn & Hawkes I guess
Adam’s winner: Dawn & Hawkes
The Steal: Shakira stole Josh for some reason. Even though she let Tanner go. OK. This episode is really dumb.

Bria Kelly vs. Tessa Boyer, “Piece of My Heart.” Finally an actual battle! Thank goodness for this performance because this episode was this close to being a complete flop. This battle was intense and both singers brought it all to the stage. Picking a winner form this one is actually going to be tough.

My winner: Bria
Blake’s winner: Bria
The Steal: Blake goes in for the steal. Tessa is now Team Blake.

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