The Voice - Season 6

The Voice 2014 Battle Rounds got off to a swinging start Monday night as the coaches had to make some tough calls and some exciting steals.

Biff Gore vs. T.J. Wilkins, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.” Well this was a pretty boring battle, but I think I’d have to give the edge to T.J. Both are very talented, but Biff is a little less energetic than T.J. But Biff has got all that soul and passion. I think it would be a tough call, actually.

My pick: T.J.
Usher’s pick: T.J.
The Steal: Blake steals Biff. He’s now Team Blake!

Jake Worthington vs Lexi Luca, “It Goes Like This.” That was a very, very tight and smooth battle. At first I thought Jake was the best, then Lexi took control. Then she got a little nervous and Jake maintained complete confidence. Great battle.

My pick: Jake
Blake’s pick: Jake
The Steal: Not used. Lexi is out.

Dani Moz vs. Deshawn Washington, “My Kind of Love.” Dani got the battle off to a great start and Deshawn picked up and ran with it. But that didn’t stop Dani from holding her own. And then the both broke into actual battle mode. That was a really fierce battle actually. I would not want to be the one making the actual decision here.

My pick: Dani (with hopes that someone will save Deshawn)
Shakira’s pick: Dani
The Steal: Not used. Wow. That’s not cool.

Kat Perkins vs. Patrick Thompson, “Whenever I Call You Friend.” Why would they pick this song for Kat? This was incredibly unfair for her. What a bad bad song. At least they both made it into a way more powerful song than it actually is. I love Kat, though, so I think she can sing anything she wants.

My pick: Kat (no question)
Adam’s pick: Kat
The Steal: Shakira steals Patrick. He’s still in.

Paula Deanda vs. Sisaundra Lewis, “Do What U Want.” Sisaundra slayed this battle. Paula is a great singer, too, so the fact that Sisaundra just completely stole the show is very telling. She’s a complete pro. This is an easy battle.

My pick: Sisaundra
Blake’s pick: Sisaundra
The Steal: Not used. Paula heads home

Jake Barker vs. Stevie Jo, “Higher Love.” Ugh, another horrible song choice. This is a tough battle because that song isn’t great for ether of them, but I will say that Jake is a more entertaining performer. Both are talented, but Jake is who I want to see and hear more of.

My pick: Jake
Usher’s pick: Stevie
The Steal: Adam, Shakira and Blake go in for the steal. He goes with Team Adam.


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