The Voice - Season 6

The second installment of The Voice 2014 Battle Rounds continued Tuesday night and I’m not even sure why there was even an episode since we only saw three battles, but let’s take a look at how those three battles played out.

Biff Gore vs. Sisaundra Lewis, “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World.” Well this wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be. I thought Sisaundra would slaughter anyone she went up against, but Biff gave her a good battle. Both of these singers are soulful and powerful and I don’t think they should’ve been paired up because I think they should both be in the competition. But I have to make a choice just like the coach…

My winner: Sisaundra
Blake’s winner: Sisaundra
The Steal: Not used. Biff heads home.

Ddendyl vs. Deja Hall, “Say Something.” There’s no question here for me who is better from this battle. It’s Deja. She has a real voice with technical ability and isn’t’ relying on a gimmicky voice that you have to actual work out to sound like. Ddendyl’s voice is not natural at all and I can’t stand that sound. Just now.

My winner: Deja
Shakira’s winner: Ddendyl
The Steal: Not used

Morgan Wallen vs. Stevie Jo, “Story of My Life.” This pairing made a lot of sense. These two guys are too similar to be on the same team. And both had a great battle, so trying to figure out who was better is not easy. I think I like Morgan’s voice better. He’s got that rasp that sets him off from all the others this season.

My winner: Morgan
Usher’s winner: Stevie Jo
The Steal: Adam makes a great call and steals Morgan.

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