The Voice - Season 6

The Voice 2014 Battles Round 2 premiered Monday night. I was under the impression the Knockout Rounds were starting, but apparently I missed the part where we’re just doing more rounds of battles. Oh and each coach has one more steal. I feel like we’re just going in circles now. But whatever. At least things heated up this time around. The song choices and talent seemed stronger.

So let’s get to the recap.

Audra McLaughlin vs. Megan Ruger, “The Climb.” First of all, I don’t think Blake should have made this a possible song. Secondly, I don’t think they should have picked it. It’s an awful song and a sad sign of the times. But enough of my modern pop rock distaste. I think this was a really unfortunate pairing because I think they’re both great. But from the editing so far, it’s clear there was a winner in mind already.

My winner: Audra
Blake’s winner: Audra
The Steal: Not used

Cierra Mickens vs. T.J. Wilkins, “Get Here.” That was a very solid batter. Both were basically perfect and I couldn’t imagine actually picking one over the other. I think T.J. has more power than Cierra, but she has a more interesting tone.

My winner: T.J.
Usher’s winner: T.J.
The Steal: Not used

Jake Worthington vs. Tess Boyer, “Have a Little Faith in Me.” This was a great song for him. I’m not so sure it was a great choice for her because he really outshined her. His tone for his, despite being slightly Michael Bolton-ish was fantastic. This is an easy decision, I’d say.

My winner: Jake
Blake’s winner: Jake
The Steal: Adam, Shakira and Usher all went in for the steal. Tess goes with Shakira as her coach.

Christina Grimmie vs. Sam Behymer, “Counting Stars.” This pairing makes a lot of sense because they’re very similar and shouldn’t be on the same team. So good move, Adam. As for the battle itself, they were very similar in that too. Meaning I can’t really say one was better than the other. They both handled their own quite well. I think Christina might be a little more interesting, however.

My winner: Christina
Adam’s winner: Christina
The Steal: Not used.

Josh Murley vs. Patrick Thomson, “Run To You.” I like this song choice. I never thought it would be a good choice, but this guys made it their own. Both are very solid performers. Josh has better presence, but I think Patrick has a more distinguished voice. This is a tough one.

My winner: Patrick
Shakira’s winner: Patrick
The Steal: Not used.

Delvin Choice vs. Josh Kaufman, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.” These guys were a great duet. It was very fun to watch. I think they’re both equally great singers, too. This was probably the best battle of the night and I had a feeling it wouldn’t matter who Adam picked because the other would surely get stolen.

My winner: Delvin
Adam’s winner: Delvin
The Steal: Usher steals Josh!’

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