The song that definitely landed Tessanne Chin into The Voice 2013 finale would not have happened if it was up to her.

According to an interview with E! News, Tessanne was not happy with Adam’s choice of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at first.

“I was in his kitchen when [Adam] told me the song, and I was like, ‘What about this song?’ and he just gets this look where you know there’s no arguing,” Tessanne told E!. “When he sets on, you just know.  I was like OK. I tried a little bit of it in the kitchen and he was like, ‘ Tess, this is the song.'”

It’s a good thing she listened to her coach, because that song made it to #1 on iTunes and stayed there for a long time. And she’s now in the finale, which may not have happened without the song.

She also was dealing with something during her performance, as we all heard Adam mention, but we never got the full details. She didn’t get into a lot of details with E! but she did say what she was dealing with made her performance take on a whole new meaning.

“I got a text from my sister…we lost someone we know,” she told E!. “It just kind of sidelined me.”

So in the end, the emotion helped her nail the song and the song helped her with her emotions.

“It was therapy and that’s music of me, it’s not just being on a stage singing,” she said. “It’s my way; it’s my coping mechanism.”


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