The Voice 2013 Blind Auditions concluded this week and before we get into the fun Knockout Rounds, we’re taking a closer look at all the teams. Today we’re looking at Team Christina

The Voice 2013 Team Christina

Amber Nicole, Houston

  • About the Artist: “Amber comes from a large, musically inclined family. Her dad is in a jazz band and her older sister, a successful vocal coach, has coached Amber since she was 13. She’s performing on The Voice to make her family proud.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @theamberscott

Briana Cuoco, Los Angeles

  • About the Artist: “Briana Cuoco has a background in musical theater and briefly worked as a dancer. Talent runs in her family – she’s currently the personal assistant to her sister, actress Kaley Cuoco of TV’s “The Big Bang Theory.” She loves her sister, but she’s ready to break away and focus on building a career of her own.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @bricuoco

Destinee Quinn, Surprise, AZ.

  • About the Artist: “Destinee started performing in talent shows at 13 and won a chance to open for Alice Cooper at 16. She now gigs three nights a week in restaurants and performs every Sunday at a local biker bar. Although her local career has taken off, she’s ready to take her voice to a bigger stage.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @destineequinn


Jacob Poole, Atlanta

  • About the Artist: “Jacob grew up singing in his father’s church and now serves as a leader of the church band. Two years ago, Jacob moved back to his hometown after years of trying to find his big break. While working for the church pays the bills, Jacob is still looking for more as an artist.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @jacobmusik


Jacquie Lee, Colts Neck, NJ

  • About the Artist: “In fourth grade, Jacquie had her own type of blind audition when she sang to her family from a closet because she was too nervous to sing in front of people. After embracing her talent, she has since won local competitions and performs to raise money for several charities on a regular basis.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @jacquieleemusic


Josh Logan, Manchester, NH

  • About the Artist: “Josh became a father at age 17 and worked construction to support his child. After four years, he left construction to pursue music full-time, performing shows several nights a week. He was signed by a manager who promised to fund and produce his album but ended up leaving Josh high and dry.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @Josh_Logan


Lina Gaudenzi, Miami

  • About the Artist: “Following in her mom’s modeling footsteps, Lina started modeling at age 13 and signed with an agency at 16. She’s always had a passion for music and studied classical voice for six years. She ultimately decided that performing was something she wanted to do full-time and has been gigging ever since.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @LinaGaudenzi


Matthew Schuler, Yardley, PA

  • About the Artist: “Matthew is always making his voice heard, whether it be in the locker room or at college parties. The indie rocker is a sophomore at Westchester University and splits his time between maintaining straight A’s and playing rugby. Matthew’s parents have passed down a strong work ethic, which carries over to his two passions: rugby and music.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @MSchulerMusic


Michael Lynch, Chicago

  • About the Artist: “After graduating college with a degree in Spanish and music, Michael moved to Mexico City to pursue a career in music but found it difficult to break through. He just recently moved back to Chicago where he sings at private events and weddings with a cover band. His dream is to be a crossover artist who fuses both pop and Latin styles together.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @MichaelLynchML


Olivia Henken, Louisville

  • About the Artist: “Olivia is no stranger to competition and performance – she has entered nearly 100 singing competitions and has sang in front of many thousands. Despite her success, she has never made it “big.” She hopes The Voice is her ticket to stardom.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @oliviahenken


Stephanie Anne Johnson, Tacoma, WA

  • About the Artist:  “Stephanie  is an award-winning Northwest singer and songwriter. Her rich sound has jazz, blues, folk and soul roots.” — Facebook
  • Twitter: @msstephaniesaid


Timyra-Joi, San Diego

  • About the Artist: “Timyra-Joi has been working with her vocal coach since the age of five. Even though she’s only 15, Timyra-Joi has a voice much more mature than her young age and feels comfortable singing in front of large crowds. She looks forward to making her vocal coach proud on The Voice.” — NBC
  • Twitter: @timyrajoimusic


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