The Voice 2013 Blind Auditions wrapped up this week as all four coaches finished building their Season 5 teams. Now they’ll cut those teams down as we head into the Battle Rounds next week. Before we get there, though, we’re getting to know all four teams a little better.

Today we’re focusing Team Cee Lo and seeing if he and his team have what it takes to take the title away from Blake this season.

The Voice 2013 Team Cee Lo

Anthony Paul, Twinsburg, OH

About the Artist: “About the Anthony was a standout show choir singer throughout high school. After countless performances with his show choir group, The Voice will be his first time performing solo. Although his parents stress the importance of education, he has put college on hold to pursue his dream and audition for The Voice. He hopes he made the right decision.” — NBC

Twitter: @AnthonyCPaul

Caroline Pennell, Saddle River, NJ

About the Artist: “Caroline’s parents met in an a cappella group in college, so it was only a matter of time until Caroline got the music bug. She learned to sing at summer camp and took the skills she learned to record a full album this past year. She’s never performed at a large venue before, so The Voice will be her biggest audience yet.” — NBC


Twitter: @carolinepennell

Cole Vosbury, Shreveport, LA

About the Artist: “Cole can play a variety of instruments and loves to put a funky twist on familiar songs when he performs. His grandmother and musical mentor, Nita Lynn, is a famed country artist. Cole tried out for The Voice in order to make his grandma and his family proud.” — NBC


Twitter: @colevosbury

George Horga Jr., Portland

About the Artist: “George comes from a huge, tight-knit Romanian family who moved to the U.S. to chase the American dream. His first introduction to music was in the Romanian church and through his uncle’s group, “The Messengers.” George left his family in Portland and moved to Hollywood to pursue a music career, and he hopes The Voice will be the launch pad he’s been looking for.”  — NBC


Twitter: @Georgehorgajr

Jonny Gray, Austin, TX

About the Artist: At 18, “Jonny joined the Air Force and was deployed to the Middle East shortly after. During his service, he played guitar to boost morale. Jonny hasn’t cut his hair since leaving the military and has made a living performing around his hometown of Austin, Texas.” — NBC


Twitter: @jonnygraymusic

Juhi, Franklin, TN

About the Artist: “As a senior in high school, academics are very important to Juhi and her family. Although she’s always wanted to be an aerospace engineer, music is her passion. The Voice will help her decide between pursuing music and engineering.” — NBC


Twitter: @Juhix3

Kat Robichaud, Raleigh, NC

About the Artist: “Kat grew up on the musicals she got from her dad’s collection of VHS tapes, which greatly influenced her showmanship onstage. Kat joined a glam rock band called “The Design” in college and toured with them full-time for seven years. Her father recently passed away, reaffirming Kat’s love for music. She hopes The Voice can be the next chapter for her.” — NBC


Twitter: @katrowbeeshow

Keaira LaShae, Los Angeles

About the Artist: “In addition to singing at clubs around Los Angeles, Keaira teaches fitness and dance classes to make ends meet. She is currently the face of Daily Burn, a website for at-home workout videos. Although she’s enjoyed success as a personal trainer, she wants to prove herself as a musician and feels that her choreography skills and work ethic can give her that competitive edge.” — NBC

Twitter: @KeairaLaShae

Lupe Carroll, Bourbonnais, IL

About the Artist: “Music brought Lupe and his wife together – she played cello at one of his shows. He delivers flowers by day and goes to gigs at night to make ends meet. He loves brightening people’s days with flower deliveries, but aspires for something greater. The Voice will pave the way for a successful career so he can support his growing family.” — NBC


Twitter: @lupemusic

R. Anthony, Jacksonville, FL

About the Artist: “Growing up in a religious home, R. Anthony was only allowed to listen to gospel music. As a teenager, he heard Michael Jackson for the first time and has been hooked on secular music ever since. In college, R. Anthony formed a successful gospel group, but he had to take time off from touring to support his family. This is his first chance to pursue a solo career and make his daughters proud.” — NBC


Twitter: @ranthonymusic

Shawn Smith, Utica, NY

About the Artist: “Shawn often goes by his nickname, “Big Sexy,” but during his nine years in the Army, he was simply known as “Sergeant Smith.” Shawn would often play guitar for the troops to boost morale. In 2007, an IED explosion caused him to lose 70% of his hearing in his right ear. Despite this, Shawn has kept his musical dreams alive and is excited for the opportunity to perform on The Voice.” — NBC


Twitter: @ShawnBigSexy

Tamara Chauniece, Wharton, TX

About the Artist: “Tamara grew up singing in her parents’ church. She had her first solo at seven years old and started to perform at other churches and events. With the help of her mom, Tamara released her first gospel EP at age 11 and her second at 18. Tamara put music on hold to focus on college but has since graduated and is ready to pursue her dream again.” — NBC


Twitter: @TamaraChauniece

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