The Voice 2013 Blind Auditions concluded this week and next week we’ll be heading into the fun Knockout Rounds, where each team will be split in half. But before we get there, we’re taking a closer look at each of the season 5 teams. Today we’re focusing on Team Blake.

The Voice 2013 Team Blake 

Austin Jenckes, Duvall, WA

  • About the Artist: Austin fell in love with music because of his late father, who played guitar and sang as a hobby. His life’s aspiration is to share his voice with the world. Austin performs with his dad’s guitar in his memory and wants to make his dad proud by becoming The Voice.
  • Twitter: @austinjenckes

Brandon Chase, Arlington, Texas

  • About the Artist: Shortly after Brandon was born he suffered massive internal bleeding and respiratory failure. His parents were told to expect the worst, but miraculously, Brandon began breathing on his own and has no lasting ill effects from the ordeal. He skipped two grades and graduated high school early to focus on his music career.
  • Twitter: @brandonjchase

Brian Pounds, Austin, Texas

  • About the Artist: Although Brian grew up playing baseball for most of his life, he quit senior year of high school and picked up a guitar. Over the last year, Brian made the life-changing decision to drop out of college and quit his job to become a full-time musician. Although this transition has been hard on him financially, he’s willing to make the sacrifice to pursue his dreams.
  • Twitter: @BrianPounds1

Cilla Chan, Singapore

  • About the Artist: Cilla grew up in Singapore where she hails from a musical family. She moved to the U.S. to attend college at Stanford. After graduating, Cilla put job offers on hold to audition for The Voice and hopes that this platform can launch her career in America.
  • Twitter: @cillchan

E.G. Daily, Hollywood

  • About the Artist: An LA native, E.G. started singing in a band at age 15 but fell into acting, appearing in “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” and “Valley Girl” in the ’80s. Her path shifted in the ’90s when she became a sought-after voice over artist, most notably voicing Tommy Pickles on TV’s “Rugrats.” She has always been a musician at heart and hopes that The Voice will give her a second chance to use her voice for what it was meant for: singing.
  • Twitter: @Realegdaily

Emily Randolph, Eatonville, WA

  • About the Artist: Emily grew up in the small town of Eatonville, Washington on her family farm. With her grandmother’s help, she began performing at a young age and hasn’t stopped since. Although she’s only a sophomore in high school, Emily is ready to take the next big step in her career as a vocalist.
  • Twitter: @EmRandolphMusic

Holly Henry, Minneapolis, MN

  • About the Artist: Holly started singing when she was three years old, but she has very little performance experience. She currently lives with her parents and works at a pancake house, but her true calling is singing and songwriting. Holly’s always been shy, but she’s willing to set those fears aside for a shot at pursuing her dreams.
  • Twitter: @hollymaehenry

Justin Chain, Fort Payne, AL

  • About the Artist: Justin grew up a playing football and walked on to the University of Alabama’s football team. Doctors told him he would never walk again after a terrible motorcycle accident, but Justin beat all the odds and fully recovered. He turned to music after his accident, and with a renewed sense of purpose, Justin is putting everything into his singing.
  • Twitter: @justinchain

Monika Leigh, Houston, Texas

  • About the Artist: Monika’s passion for entertaining was inherited from her parents. Her mother was an actress and her stepdad is a blues musician. Monika eventually gave up music to pursue a career as a special education teacher, but after she lost her father, Monika rekindled her love of singing and is performing on The Voice in his honor.
  • Twitter: @monikaleigh1

Ray Boudreaux, Lafayette, LA

  • About the Artist: Small-town Ray has never ventured far from home, leaving his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana for the first time ever to go to LA for his audition. At 22, he became a father and stopped performing to be home with his daughter and girlfriend. Ray continues to gig at local venues a few nights a week and mows lawns on the side for extra income.
  • Twitter: @RayBoudreaux

Sam Cerniglia, Chicago

  • About the Artist: Sam studied opera and songwriting in college and is now trying to make it as a full-time musician in Chicago. His family has always been very important to him, especially his two sisters who were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and Batten’s Disease. It’s hard to be away from them, but he wants to make the time he’s been away worthwhile by winning The Voice.
  • Twitter: @samcerniglia

Shelbie Z., Jasper, AL

  • About the Artist: Originally from Alabama, Shelbie is a cosmetologist by day and a pageant consultant for young girls by night. She also competes in pageants, where she can showcase her singing.
  • Twitter: @Shelbie_Z


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