Matthew Schuler on The Voice 2013

Matthew Schuler might have been eliminated from The Voice 2013 this week, but his career is anything but over, he tells Entertainment Weekly in a post-elimination Q&A.

You know, I’m talking to some labels and getting my original music out there. That’s the entire reason why I auditioned for the show, so I can share my original stuff with the world. I write so much and I want to write for other people. Music is so powerful and people, they go to it for comfort, they go to it when they’re having fun with their friends and I want to be the soundtrack to people’s parties and the soundtrack to people’s lives. For my songs to be attached to their memories, it would be an honor to do that. So, I’m definitely going to be doing a lot of song writing. Hopefully I’ll have some new music coming out real soon.

And who does he think is going to win The Voice 2013? He sticks with his own family, well his team.

Man, I feel like I’ve got to stick with my little sister, Jacquie. I think she could definitely take it home this season. There’s just something about 16-year-old girls on The Voice: the huge voices, the star quality, I feel like she’s got it in the bag. I’m so ridiculously proud of her. She’s a star.

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