On Tuesday night we saw the final six become the final five as Team Christina’s Matthew Schuler was sent home. Sharing the bottom spot with Matthew was Team Adam’s James Wolpert.

America chose to save James, however, so that means unless he pulls off something amazing next week, he’s likely heading home before the finale. That leads us to the purpose of this post and that’s who actually has what it takes to win The Voice 2013? And how do we think the act stack up based on this week and past weeks.

So I’m going to take a jab at how I think the top five will be ranked during the finale.

The Voice 2013 Top 5 rankings prediction

 (Note: these aren’t my opinions on how I think they should finish. These are just predictions based on what I’ve seen from voters and iTunes throughout the season)

5. James Wolpert. I don’t think he deserves to be here, but I think that’s just how it’s going to end up. That is unless he has a huge moment.

4. (or 3.) Will Champlin. This is where it gets INCREDIBLY tricky. I think Will could either miss the finale altogether or win the whole thing. It seriously depends on his song choice. I think he’s popular now but I still think it could be easy for him to mess up, so I’m going to place him here for now.

3. (or 4.)Tessanne Chin. I think Will and Tessanne are interchangeable right now. She could easily be at No. 4 and he could easily be at No. 3. She can sing anything and do so amazingly. Her fans just have to be sure to vote to keep her from going home.

2. Cole Vosbury. I’m still not getting the Cole love, but a lot of people are. I don’t see him winning but I do see him getting to the finale at this point.

1. Jacquie Lee. I think Jacquie has it in the bag right now. The only thing I see happening is Will gives a wow performance next week, makes it into the finale and some how bests Jacquie and Cole in the finale. But I doubt it. Jacquie might just be your season 5 winner.

How do you think the Top 5 will rank from now until the end of the season?

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