The Voice - Season 6

The Voice 2014 Top 3 were decided Tuesday night, and while I’m not surprised at the Top 3, I am surprised at the apparent order. I did not expect Christina Grimmie to have to be put into the Top 3 by America. She’s so much better than at least Jake Worthington.

All that being said, this Top 3 Power Ranking is actually going to be tough. But here’s what I think:

3. Christina Grimmie. I mean, obviously she had the third-most votes of the top 3. So this is clearly where she lands, yes? For now, yes. But if she pulls out some great performances last week and America realizes they really need to vote for her if they want her to win, then she still could win this season. I think this is probably the tightest season ever as far as who will win.

2. Jake Worthington. I’d love to put Jake at #3. Actually, I’d love for him to not even be here and instead have Kristen Merlin here. But that’s not going to happen. So I can only hope he finishes in second or third. I just don’t see him doing well after the show (do any of the winners?).

1. Josh Kaufman. If Christina doesn’t win, Josh should. He might actually deserve to win regardless, but I think Christina is more marketable and versatile. But right now I think Josh has the biggest shot at winning. Next week’s performances and song choices will make or break any of these three.

Who do you think will win The Voice 2014?


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