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The Battle Rounds continue tonight on The Voice starting at 8PM on NBC for another one-hour show where the Teams will continue their dueling duets for the chance to move on in the competition or be rescued by another Coach’s Steal.

Last night we saw three singers saved by the Steal which is a LOT because there are only eight total Steals available for all of the Battle Rounds. They need to slow down or they’ll use them up before enough singers get through the Battles.

Now it’s time to find out who sings for tonight’s duets and who wins their Battle Rounds!

Who Won Each Battle Round Tonight On The Voice 3/18/2014?:

  • Team Adam
  • Caleb Elder versus Delvin Choice – “The Man” – Adam says Delvin has won.
  • Team Blake
  • Megan Ruger versus Ria Eaton – “My Happy Ending” – Blake declares Megan the winner
  • Team Shakira
  • Clarissa Serna versus Jeremy Briggs – “Cold As Ice” – Shakira gives the win to Clarissa
  • Ddendyl versus Lindsay Pagano – “I Feel The Earth Move” – Ddendyl moves on with Team Shakira
  • Team Usher
  • The Brothers Walker versus Morgan Wallen – “Hey Brother” – Usher says Morgan is the winner
  • Brittnee Camelle versus Melissa Jimenez – “Give It To Me Right” – Usher says Melissa has won

Who Got A ‘Steal’ By Another Coach?:

  • Brittnee Camelle – Adam used his Steal

Who Went Home Tonight On The Voice?:

  • Jeremy Briggs
  • Caleb Elder
  • Ria Eaton
  • Lindsay Pagano
  • The Brothers Walker
  • Brittnee CamelleSaved by Adam’s Steal

What did you think of tonight’s results on The Voice? Did the Coaches make the right choices and eliminate the right singer in every Battle?

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