Tonight the Voice results show will reveal which four singers must sing for their Voice lives as three artists will be sent home. After this week’s results we’ll be down to the 2014 season’s Top 5 finalists.

Carson Daly has The Voice results

Carson Daly has The Voice results – Source: NBC

Last week Kat Perkins dodged elimination when America voted to keep her in the competition after falling to the Bottom 3. She better hope she stepped up her game last night or could be out in tonight’s major elimination round.

Be sure to stick with the live show so you can vote as the results come out in case your favorite needs another chance.

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Host Carson Daly reveals the results as we meet the season’s Top 5 finalists.

The Voice 2014 Top 5 Contestants:

  1. Josh Kaufman
  2. Kristen Merlin
  3. Christina Grimmie
  4. Jake Worthington
  5. Kat Perkins

Top 8’s Bottom 4 Contestants:

  1. Sisaundra Lewis
  2. Delvin Choice
  3. Kat Perkins – Saved! by America’s
  4. Audra Mclaughlin

During the commercial it became very clear that Kat would be the Saved singer and sure enough, she was!

Top 8 – Who Was Eliminated on The Voice?:

  • Sisaundra Lewis
  • Delvin Choice
  • Audra Mclaughlin

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Share your thoughts!

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