Jake & Stevie Jo Battle on The Voice

Jake Barker & Stevie Jo Battle on The Voice 2014 – Source: NBC/YouTube

Tonight on The Voice 2014 results will be revealed on who went home during this week’s first Battle Rounds episode. We’ll find out which singers were cut and who was stolen during tonight’s show.

Stick with us for the live results and recap as the Coaches prepare their teams for dueling battles. Only one singer can win each round, but thanks to the return of the Coaches’ Steal everyone has a chance at moving on.

If another Coach really likes the singer who lost then they can use their Steal to bring them over to their team instead of letting them be eliminated in the competition. Careful though. Coaches have a limited number of steals so they can’t just go around adding every singer they think sounds good in their duet.

Who Won Each Battle Round Tonight On The Voice 2014?:

  • Team Adam
  • Kat Perkins versus Patrick Thomson: “Whenever I Call You Friend” – Adam keeps Kat.
  • Team Blake
  • Jake Worthington versus Lexi Luca: “It Goes Like This” – Blakes says Jake wins.
  • Paula Deanda versus Sisaundra Lewis: “Do What You Want” – Sisaundra wins the Battle.
  • Team Shakira
  • Dani Moz versus Deshawn Washington: “My Kind of Love” – Shakira goes with Dani.
  • Team Usher
  • Biff Gore versus TJ Wilkins: “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” – Usher gives the win to TJ Wilkins.
  • Jake Barker versus Stevie Jo: “Higher Love” – The win goes to Stevie Jo.

Who Got A ‘Steal’ By Another Coach?:

  • Biff Gore – Coach Blake used his “Steal” to rescue Biff.
  • Patrick Thomson – Coach Shakira uses her “Steal” and rescues Patrick.
  • Jake Barker – Coach Adam wins Jake’s pick over Shakira & Blake.

Who Went Home Tonight On The Voice?:

  • Biff GoreSaved by Blake’s Steal
  • Lexi Luca
  • Deshawn Washington
  • Patrick ThomsonSaved by Shakira’s Steal
  • Paula Deanda
  • Jake BarkerSaved by Adam’s Steal

What did you think of tonight’s results on The Voice? Did the Coaches make the right choices and eliminate the right singer in every Battle?

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