Blind Auditions continue tonight on The Voice results show with more eliminations and additions to each of the four Coaches teams. All teams are nearly half full which leaves fewer spots for more talent every audition.

The Voice 2014 Coaches

The Voice 2014 Coaches – Source: NBC

Twenty four performers have been selected to continue on to the next round of The Voice 2014. Which singers will make the cut tonight? Let’s find out with our live Voice results recap tonight then check back later for our detailed performance recap of all of tonight’s great talent!

Who Went Home Tonight on The Voice – March 4, 2014?

    Team Adam:

  • No one! Adam didn’t add a single artist to his team tonight.
    Team Blake:

  • Megan Ruger – This rocker from Nashville turned the chairs of Usher and Blake, but in the end Blake won her over.
  • Lexi Luca – This high school student earned a seat on Team Blake with a performance of “Wasting All These Tears.”
  • Audra McLaughlin – She turns all four chairs and just when Adam thought he had her she went with Coach Blake.
    Team Shakira:

  • Dani Moz – A PR rep who won over Shakira with “I Need Your Love.”
  • Music Box – Yes, her name is “Music Box” and she’s on Team Shakira.
  • Emily B. – Three chair turns gave her lots of choices, but Emily went with Shakira after her performance of “Wicked Game.”
    Team Usher:

  • Morgan Wallen – He makes his return to music with no trainer but manages to turn two chairs with Usher and Shakira competing for him to join their Team. Morgan decides Usher’s style of coaching is what he needs to succeed on The Voice.
  • Stevie Jo – He’s singing an Usher song for Usher and sure enough he manages to get a chair turn.
    Eliminated singers:

  • James Cavern – His song choice sank him, said Adam. Usher encouraged him to try big songs, but to be careful in those selections. Usher suggests he come back and try again next season.
  • Josh McMillan – Adam tells Josh the song choice, “You Get What You Give,” wasn’t right and came off too weak.
  • Melany Watson – Her performance of “The Power of Love” wasn’t enough to move the Coaches.
  • Branden Mendoza – Adam says the choice of “Move Along” put him in too much of a box and would have rather heard a more stripped down version.

The Blind Auditions have nearly come to an end with just a few seats left on each Team. Which Coach will have the strongest talent and be ready to win Season 6? Share your thoughts below!

The Voice Coaches Battle For A Bigger ‘Voice’

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