Carson Daly & Caroline Glaser

Tonight on The Voice Results show the Season 4’s Top 16 will become the 2013 Top 12 as one member of each team is eliminated from the competition. Votes from the past two nights have been tabulated and we’ll find out the results of who ends up in the bottom half of each group. From there the Coaches will each have to pick one singer to stay and one singer to go.

We’ve made our predictions on which singers are most likely to be pitted against one another for redemption by the Coaches tonight. While we wait for the big official news let’s hear what you’re expecting to happen tonight on The Voice.

Here’s some crazy news. Carson Daly reveals that Telescope, the company in charge of the voting process, detected fraud in the text votes this week. As a result The Voice has eliminated ALL online and text votes from the vote counts this week. The interesting thing is this made no impact to the overall results. That means vote distribution was level across the various methods. So if you voted anywhere but by phone then I guess your vote didn’t count. Ouch!

The Voice 2013 Live Playoffs – Elimination Results

Team Blake:

Bottom 2: Justin Rivers & The Swon Brothers

Blake says he is at a loss, but to keep things spread out this season for his team Blake decides to keep The Swon Brothers. Seriously? Well okay, that means Justin Rivers is eliminated.

Eliminated: Justin Rivers.

Moving on: Holly Tucker, Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers

Team Shakira:

Bottom 2: Garrett Gardner & Karina Iglesias

Shakira says she couldn’t sleep last night in anticipation of this. Now she’s talking about drawing names out of a bag to prepare for the coice. Lots of nervous rambling. Shakira says she’s basing her decision on what she can contribute to the artist. She decides to keep Garrett because she thinks she can help him more.

Eliminated: Karina Iglesias

Moving on: Sasha Allen, Kris Thomas, & Garrett Gardner

Team Usher:

Bottom 2: Josiah Hawley, Cathia

Usher says careers have begun for both of these singers and he knows they’ll go on to great things. Usher decides to save Josiah. Cathia is eliminated.

Eliminated: Cathia

Moving on: Michelle Chamuel, Vedo, & Josiah Hawley

Team Adam:

Bottom 2: Sarah Simmons & Caroline Glaser

Wow, I’m surprised by these results. Adam says he doesn’t know who to save, but he’s got to make a choice and quick! Adam says he thinks both of them are great and one isn’t “better” than the other. Adam is running over the credits as the show is desperate to get a decision from Adam. He blurts out, “Sarah!” Great time management, NBC.

Eliminated: Caroline Glaser

Moving on: Judith Hill, Amber Carrington, & Sarah Simmons.

What do you think of tonight’s results on The Voice? Did the right singer get saved by the Coaches and what about America’s votes? Share your thoughts!

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