The Voice 6 coaches on NBC

The Voice 6 coaches – Source: NBC

Welcome to the final round of Blind Auditions on The Voice 6 where the last remaining spots on each team will be filled this week. We’ve got two back to back nights of shows before moving on to the next round so these final singers will have to really step up their games to score a very limited spot.

Last show Adam didn’t score a single artist and has just seven performers, the same as Coach Blake. Coaches Usher and Shakira are leading the back with nine artists on each of their teams so they’re even closer to being done building their Voice armies.

Who Went Home Tonight on The Voice – March 10, 2014

    Team Adam:

  • Kat Perkins – The other coaches thought she was a Country artist, but this rocker decided to go with Adam over Usher or Shakira.
  • Josh Murley – He sang “The Freshmen” and it earned him a spot on Team Adam who said he wanted “different.”
  • Austin Ellis – Austin performed “Drift Away” to snag a spot with Coach Adam.
  • Josh Kaufman – Adam scores the big win of the night in the only four-chair turn for Josh’s performance of “One More Try.”
    Team Blake:

  • Paula Deanda – Just when I thought she’d go with her other option, Team Shakira, Paula decides on Coach Blake to help her get to the finish line.
  • Cali Tucker – Blake added Country legacy singer Cali with her performance of “Black Velvet.”
  • Ria Eaton – She earned dual last minute button slaps from Shakira & Blake but with her song pick it’s no surprise that she went with Team Blake.
  • Alaska & Madi – Adam did his best to win over this Country duo, but it’s no surprise to find them with Coach Blake for this season.
    Team Shakira:

  • Cierra Mickens – She had three coaches to pick from and went with Shakira over Coaches Blake or Usher following her performance of “Crazy.”
  • Ddendyl – She only earned one chair turn, but that’s all it takes. This lounge singer gave a great performance of “Stand By Me” and is ready to move on in the competition.
    Team Usher:

  • Jake Barker – He had three options with all but Blake turning around and they all fought hard to get him, but it seems like Usher was who Jake wanted all along and he went with that pick for his team.
  • Tess Boyer – Sang “Wings” and Usher around to add her to his Team.
    Eliminated singers:

  • Gabi Ramirez
  • Luke Cooper
  • Tyler Montgomery
  • Theresa Payne
  • Bryson Dunn
  • Bree Teal

Which team do you think leads the race? Can a newbie coach bring home a win or will it go to the Veterans this season on The Voice 6?

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