The Voice 2014 Blind Auditions continued Monday night and we actually saw the coaches pass on several hopefuls. I don’t recall an episode with so many reject auditions. And they weren’t bad auditions either.

Let’s take a look at the standouts from the episode.

Ryan Whyte Maloney, “Lights.” This guy’s voice is pretty solid. Journey was a perfect song for him, too. I thought his audition was basically flawless. Adam, Blake, Usher and Shakira all decided they wanted him on their team. He decides to go with Team Blake.

Deshawn Washington, “Twisting The Night Away.” This guy sounded like he was actually a recording. His voice was that crisp and clear. And his tone was fantastic too. The song was dated, of course, but that kind of song is right up his alley. The coaches were apprehensive because of the song choice, I’m sure, but finally Shakira decided to turn so he’s Team Shakira.

Sam Behymer, “Royals.” OK, this was basically just a Lorde sound-alike. I mean it was good, but if I wanted to hear Lorde I’d listen to Lorde. I sort of like her voice. I wonder what else she is capable of, though, meaning how versatile is she? Usher and Adam both turn for her. She decides to go with Adam as her coach.

Brendan Ryan, “Love on Top.” Eh. I found him pretty boring. He felt a little loungey/cruise ship singer to me. And the coaches weren’t exactly feeling it either. Blake almost did but then changed his mind. He doesn’t make it.

Brothers Walker, “Keep Me In Mind.” This guys have a good sound, but they’re very annoying to watch. They’re identical beards and glasses are just too much for me. I’m being harsh, I know, but I take stage presence seriously. Usher sneaks in at the last minute and turns. They’re Team Usher.

Clarissa Serna, “Zombie.” Good song choice, first of all. Second of all, I love her voice. I loved all of it. I couldn’t even take notes because I was watching and listening. She gets all four chairs to turn. And rightly so. She has her pick, and she goes with Team Shakira.

Robert Lee, “The Weight.” Another great song choice. I like his sound. It’s very unique. It’s sort of a head-voice, but I think he has a lot of potential. But for some reason no one turned.

Melissa Jimenez, “If I Ain’t Got You.” I didn’t love her audition. There was something about her voice I wasn’t into. But I do understand why Shakira and Usher turned their chairs. She picks Usher as her coach.

Patrick Thompson, “Can’t You See.” This guy’s got that gritty voice I usually like, but I wonder if this guy is overdoing it just a bit. But whatever, that was a pretty solid audition. Adam and Blake both turn around so he has to pick between the two. He goes with Team Adam.

Allison Bray, “Where the Boys Are.” I don’t really get this song choice. I think she probably could have gotten some interest had she picked a more relevant song. But she’s not in this season.

Sisaundra Lewis, “Ain’t No Way.” She’s got some soul. Some rich, rich soul. And a lot of power. I think she’s going to become an early favorite for a lot of people. Great audition. She gets all four chairs to turn. She decides to go with Team Blake.

What did you think of the auditions? Whose team do you think is shaping up to be the best so far?

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