Judith Hill on The Voice

The Voice 2013 Top 12 perform tonight on NBC and we’re live blogging all the performances and voting details so you know how to vote for tonight’s top finalists left in the competition.

We’re set to see performances from all four teams as coaches Adam, Blake, Shakira, and Usher pit their remaining three singers against the other teams for your votes.

As tonight’s live show starts host Carson Daly reminds us that the coaches have no more power than viewers this week. There are no more saves and the votes will decide who stays and who goes.

The Voice 2013 Top 12 Performance List:

Team Usher – Vedo – “Rock with You” – 1-877-553-3701
Shakira says he leaves his heart on the stage with every performance and tonight was no different. Blake thought Vedo’s performing (dancing) added to the delivery. Coach Usher says Vedo paced himself to make it through the whole song and when the time came he hit the big notes.

Team Blake – Holly Tucker – “Broken Wing” – 1-877-553-3702
Usher says anyone who ever questioned Holly’s talent is a “freakin’ idiot.” He says she took it “through the roof” on tonight’s show. Shakira says it was awesome and elegant. Amazing, she says. Adam says this is yet another example of how great Holly is as a singer. Coach Blake thinks this was Holly’s best performance yet and he is sure Martina McBride is thrilled with her delivery.

Team Shakira – Garrett Gardner – “I Want It That Way” – 1-877-553-3703
Adam says it wasn’t his favorite performance and felt “thrown by it. It was good, but it didn’t grab me.” Shakira says not to listen to Adam. Blake isn’t thrilled, but thought it was a good effort. Usher says it was good to see him take risk in the performance. “No risk, no reward,” says Usher. Coach Shakira reminds Garrett he has a lot of fans out there. Shakira thinks a lot of people are going to download Garrett’s version and prove the negative feedback wrong.

Team Adam – Sarah Simmons – “The Story” – 1-877-553-3704
Blake thanks Sarah for showing viewers the “extremes” of her voice and how she goes rough and then back to soft singing. Shakira doesn’t know the song, but praises the song pick for Sarah and thinks it was the perfect song to showcase her abilities. Coach Adam says the defined diversity in her voice makes it so special and one of the best singers The Voice has had.

Team Blake – The Swon Brothers – “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” – 1-877-553-3705
Usher says it absolutely shows the Brothers’ diversity and an incredible performance. Adam thought it was “great, so great.” He says it was a beautiful rendition of the song. Coach Blake is overwhelmed by their performance and how they honored Country music. Blake says this was their breakout moment right here tonight.

Team Shakira – Sasha Allen – “Alone” – 1-877-553-3706
Adam says this was another reason why he should have never let go of her and that she’s miraculous. Usher says she did the right balance of theatrics and that she “took us to church.” Coach Shakira says Sasha is one of the best voices she’s ever heard. Shakira thinks a lot of people are going to want to have her version of the song after this performance.

Team Usher – Josiah Hawley – “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” – 1-877-553-3707
Adam says tonight Josiah found the perfect sweet spot for his voice with this song and had his best performance yet in the competition. Blake jokes about Josiah copying Adam’s wardrobe but thinks this was his very favorite performance yet for Josiah. Coach Usher praises Josiah for the decision to go acoustic with his performance and thinks he did a great job and loved this technique tonight.

Team Blake – Danielle Bradbery – “Wasted” – 1-877-553-3708
Shakira says Danielle never displays any fear and is so impressed by her each week. Adam says Danielle is the one to beat yet again and thinks Danielle would win the whole thing if it ended tonight. Coach Blake says he could endlessly praise Danielle and loves how she’s just a regular, all-American girl.

Team Adam – Judith Hill – “You’ve Got A Friend” – 1-877-553-3709
Blake says it was too good to dissect. It was beautiful and powerful just as they expect from her. Usher says she is in total control of her destiny and this performance showed yet another aspect of her. Coach Adam says she has a gift that can’t be taught. The way she did it was so much grace shows she may be the most talented performer in this competition.

Team Usher – Michelle Chamuel – “Call Your Girlfriend” – 1-877-553-3710
Shakira says it was really cool and appreciated how well she handled singing and dancing. Adam says she’s become one of his favorites because of how unique she is each week. Coach Usher thinks she is incredible and gives it 100% with her great energy every time. Usher likes how she went with something more fun this week and thinks she can get to the end.

Team Shakira – Kris Thomas – “I’ll Be There” – 1-877-553-3711
Adam says Kris rose to the task and it was a tough, tough song. Blake likes how Kris picks songs that push him to the extreme because he’s always proving himself. Usher thought Kris jumped around between the versions he was trying to cover, but liked that he took a risk. Coach Shakira likes how he sounded like he wants to win the competition. She’s very proud of him and his accomplishment.

Team Adam – Amber Carrington – “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” – 1-877-553-3712
Blake says that not only did Amber make Martina McBride proud, but also all of Nashville with her Country performance tonight. He thinks Team Adam has a star on its hands. Usher thought she was defying gravity with how she keeps delivering poor. He was very impressed by her incredible vocals. Shakira liked how she went back to her roots and was excited by the performance. Coach Adam says she continues to impress him every time she sings. He knows this was tough because of how close to home the song hit for Amber. Adam says she can do anything as a singer as she continues to defy expectations time after time.

As soon as tonight’s show ends you can start voting by phone, text, and online. Hopefully the voting issues experienced last week on The Voice have been resolved this week so everyone’s votes are counted. Speaking of counting votes, if your favorite reaches the iTunes Top 10 list by the morning then his or her votes for downloads will be multiplied by ten! Wow, that’s a massive advantage.

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