The Voice 2013 coaches and host

This week’s The Voice 2013 schedule includes a lot of broadcasts on NBC including three back to back to back nights starting Monday, May 6th (tonight) and running through Wednesday, May 8th.

Tonight’s episode of The Voice will mirror Tuesday’s show where the Season 4 Top 16 singers will face off against one another for your votes in the Season 4 Live Playoffs. Both shows will run from 8PM ET/PT to 10PM ET/PT and will air live in east coast broadcasts.

Starting Wednesday night at 8PM on NBC The Voice Results show will air on a special night for one full hour, ending at 9PM. During this episode we’ll find out which two singers from each team earned the least votes from viewers and will face elimination.

Before anyone is sent home from The Voice Season 4 they’ll have to pass by the coaches. That means each coach will get to decide which singer from the Bottom 2 gets to stay and who goes home. Think of it as a collaborative elimination between viewers and coaches. Should someone be caught in a “shocking” results situation the coaches can act quickly to save them from elimination.

When this week ends there will be just twelve singers left on Season 4 and all coaches will have the same number of team members.

Get ready for The Voice tonight as we’ll live recap the show’s performances with voting details.


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