The Voice 2013 said goodbye to two more artists Tuesday night, leaving us with the season 4 Top 8. Team Usher’s Josiah Hawley and Team Shakira’s Kris Thomas were eliminated during the results show, leaving both those teams with just one artist each.

Does that mean they’re just one week away from being totally wiped out or will Adam Levine or Blake Shelton finally lose an act? Their acts are all very solid, so that’s hard to say. Even though it’s nearly impossible to figure out who the Top 8 are ranked, I’m going to give it a shot.

And please keep in mind this is a complete shot in the dark and each spot could be a give or take one or two kind of thing all based on how the performance shows go next week …

The Top 8 Rankings: Who has what it takes to move on in this competition?

1. Danielle Bradbery. Even though I don’t get it, Danielle is ranking high on the iTunes charts and the Las Vegas odds have her most-likely to win this season. If she’s not No. 1 this week, she’s close to it.

2. Michelle Chamuel. This one might be Usher’s saving grace. Michelle has really charmed people and with the right song choices, she’ll be around for a bit.

3. Judith Hill. Based on song choices and the fact that Adam Levine is doing everything right with her, I think she’s somewhere close to the top. Even though she’s not ranking on iTunes like Danielle and Michelle, that doesn’t mean people aren’t voting for her. I think she’s still got some legs in this thing.

4. Sarah Simmons. I think Team Adam might remain unscathed for at least another week or so if they keep putting up performances like they have the past two weeks.

5. Amber Carrington. If any of Team Adam is likely to go next, it’s Amber. And that’s ridiculous because she’s very solid. I think she’ll be OK though. But it really depends on the songs and performances next week.

6. The Swon Brothers. These guys need a good song next week or they’re done. If they come out with a great one then they’ll be OK. I think they’re a week-to-week kind of act and still have a chance to make some moves if they stick around the next two weeks.

7. Holly Tucker. I think she’s the weakest on Team Blake. I’m not saying she’s weak because she isn’t at all. But of the three she’s probably likely to go first. Unless The Swon Brothers really tank next week.

8. Sasha Allen. I don’t like putting Sasha here, but Shakira is terrible at picking songs for her artists and she’s likely to blow it for Sasha. So if Sasha doesn’t pick her own song next week, she could be the next to go. Of course anyone from numbers 5 through 6 could easily be in the bottom next week. It just depends on how the next performance show plays out.

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